“Coleman Unlimited approaches challenges with incredible enthusiasm and strives for excellence in all they do. Sonia is a critical thinker and, therefore, an excellent problem solver. She demonstrates creativity in all her work whether in writing, or project management. Sonia is undaunted by difficulties and her cheerfulness makes any task lighter.”

Wilma Smith
Executive Director
Prison and Prevention Ministries, Inc.

“Sonia Coleman is highly creative, energetic, resourceful, and one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with! Her can-do attitude and willingness to help in every situation made her one of the greatest assets to our organization.”

Dawn Martin
Director of Marketing and Communications
Missouri Society of CPAs

“It takes a special talent to open a window to a soul. It’s a talent that distinguishes Sonia, who was a feature writer and publication editor for the Culver-Stockton College Public Relations Office. Her specialty was personality profiles and her brand of writing enriched our publications and our readers. Sonia has the knack of establishing a rapport and trust with those she interviews. In doing so, she is able to reveal more than their physical and emotional characteristics; she illuminates a portion of their soul. While on my staff, Sonia wrote many powerful profiles, including the story of a civic leader with cerebral palsy, a college student who struggled with learning disabilities, and a young Bosnian woman who witnessed the horrors of war. Sonia’s exceptional writing ability added depth to Culver-Stockton’s publications, and her words touched our readers.”

Sharon Illa

Former Director of Public Relations
Culver-Stockton College

“Sonia was one of my key contacts when we did audiovisual production work for the National Association of Electrical Distributors. For the past 9 years, we collaborated with Sonia on the development of the association’s videos, business session scripts, and special projects. She is incredibly enthusiastic about her work and approaches each task with an eye toward creativity. She is especially skilled at working with executives by making them feel at ease on stage and on camera. Her experience includes writing, graphics production, public relations, and meeting design. She would be an asset to any project requiring marketing and communication skills!”

Gary Musick
The Gary Musick Company

“Sonia is a rare breed of communications professional. Not only is she an exceptional writer, planner, video director, PR and marketing expert, she is also a dynamo of boundless enthusiasm for making every project or communication the absolute best it can be. “Good enough” is never enough unless it is the most impactful communication possible to get the best possible results for the client. And. on top of that, she is INCREDIBLY productive, organized, and still manages to have a smile for everyone even in the face of incredible deadline pressures.”

Laurie Mueller-Bevirt
Marketing Director
National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) 

“I have worked with Sonia Coleman in various stages of production for a little over eight years while she was working at the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) as the Director of Public Relations and Director of Marketing & Communications. Sonia has always been a very gracious and enjoyable person with which to work. Her friendliness and positive attitude always made her clients feel comfortable during the myriad of production processes that included pre-production, shooting video and stills, video editing, as well as speech-writing and public delivery. Additionally, Sonia has always been very attentive to our production and logistical needs. Sonia Coleman will be a valuable asset to any team.”

Greg Tipton
BigPixture Productions

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