Corporate Services

Corporations must meet deadlines and goals, while keeping an eye on the bottom line. We’re the staff you always wished for, available on-call! We can help you successfully reach the finish line with projects big or small.

From project management to executive coaching to traditional marketing and public relations, we’ve got your back.

Experience Better Workflow

  • Deliver on that unexpected, massive project that’s due next week
  • Experience cloning yourself (in a good way)
  • Increase product sales with killer promotions
  • Win kudos with free publicity and media exposure

Experienced with Corporate Decision-Makers & End-Users
Since we’ve worked with CEOs for years, we know how they think; we know how to win their approval; and we know how to make them look good. Plus, we’re always thinking about what’s in it for the end-user and how to win their loyalty. After all, everything we do is designed to build your reputation: with your employees, business partners, stakeholders, customers, the media, and the public.

Corporate Services

  • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • Press Releases
  • Project Management
  • Sales Promotions
  • Internal Communications
  • Shareholder, End-User & B2B Marketing
  • Executive Coaching
  • Newsletter & Magazine Articles
  • Marketing Copy, Brochures & Emails
  • Speechwriting
  • Annual Reports & White Papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Video, Podcasts & Blogs
  • Social Networking Marketing
  • Interactive Training Courses

Let me help you reach your goals and grow your reputation.​

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